The Baldwin Motors Team

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  • John Baldwin
    CEO / Dealer

    "As the CEO great customer service means to me to have an exceptional experience from front of the dealership to the back in detail department. If we set high expectations in great customer service it will result in long term customer relationships along with repeat satisfied customers."

    "Life is too short to get mad over a vehicle"

  • Richard Baldwin
    General Manager

  • Dennis Ploof
    Finance Manager

    "Great Customer Service means to me is happy customers and repeat business. It means the commitment to providing value added services to customers in a timely manner."

  • Ed Greenwald

    "Great Customer Service means to me is to have our customers smiling and having a great time whether they are buying a vehicle or waiting for their vehicle in service. I believe in striking up a conversation or saying Good Morning or  Good Afternoon to a customer goes a long way!"

    Ed started selling Ford Automobiles in 1957 in Louisville Kentucky. 
    In 1972 moved to Florida and ran a large Ford Dealership in Gainesville. 
    Then in 1984 move here to Louisiana and purchased a driving range and had it for 8 years. 
    He has been with Baldwin Motors since 1996 and has been involved in selling Ford products then anyone in the United States.
    He has two granddaughters who he adores and are his life. 

  • Stephie King
    Love Encore Delivery Specialist / Customer Service Representative
    985-892-2205 EXT 1202

    "Customer Service means to me to treat people the way you would want to be treated. Transparency goes a long way as well. We should go over and beyond for each customer to maximize the customer service experience. Customer service is the ability to supply a customer's wants and needs."

    Stephie has a 3 years experience with sales and the industry. 
    She was born and raised on the south-shore but has been a north-shore resident now for 12 years. 
    She has a 5 year old daughter who is her whole world.
    They say you don't work a day in your life if you love what you do, in which she absolutely loves her job and helping families get into a safe and reliable vehicle. 

  • Chris Guidry
    Certified Sales Consultant

    "Great Customer Service means to me that I can see the smiles and excitement on the customers faces. It means a superior level of satisfaction!"

    Chris has nearly 25 years experience in sales and management in New Orleans and Virginia. He has worked with Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. 
    He loves seeing his customers smile and the excitement on their face when they are about to drive off in their new cars. That's why he enjoys auto sales. He has a 12 year old daughter, Ivana that he loves to watch swim in her swim meets. Chris graduated from Jesuit High School in New Orleans and attended UL Lafayette.

  • Jake Graffagnini
    Certified Sales Consultant

    "Great Customer service means to me is that I can provide great quality product or service with satisfying the needs and wants of the customer. Which having the end result of a repeat customer with a smile and a great story to talk about."

    Jake has been in the car business now for 25 years and has worked with multiple manufactures.

    He enjoys quiet evening at home on the patio cooking and enjoying fine wine and spending time with his sons. 

  • Murray Cleveland
    Certified Sales Representative

    Murray has been in automobile sales for three years now.

    Certified in Subaru and Lincoln's. His hobbies are gold and racing.
    See Murray for the best car buying experience you have ever had or will have. 

  • Richard Guidry
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant

    "Great Customer service means to me that every customer enjoys their time in the dealership while they are here to buy or car or service their car. I like discovering new way to delight those you serve."

    Richard Guidry has been in the automobile business for 50 plus year. The last 10 here at Baldwin Motors. 
    He is a previous owner of Lincoln & Mercury Store in Lafayette.
    Before the automobile business he service in the Air Force for 6 years.
    His hobbies are wine, women, and football.  

  • Guy Boudreaux
    Shop Foremen

  • DonnaLee Kubancsek
    Warranty Administrator

  • Roland Pitre
    Certified Subaru Technician


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