The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Baldwin Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

SPCA, St. Tammany Department of Animal Services, Northshore Humane Society, Mardi Paws

Keep Covington Beautiful

Pine view Middle School

Northshore Food Bank, Covington Rotary Club, Feeding the Needy, Safe Harbor, United Way

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Did Baldwin Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Baldwin Subaru

Subaru and Baldwin Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Baldwin Subaru Sends Love from 600 Miles Away - Denise G

Baldwin Subaru has made a difference for 200+ families who lost their homes in the devastating Kentucky tornado outbreak on December 10th, 2021. Even though Bowling Green, Kentucky, is almost 600 miles from Covington, Louisiana, their desire to help others in times of tragedy has no limits. Our organization received a call that a shelter within a mile of the devastation would soon open for 200+ people and their pets. The issue was that the shelter location was empty. They needed air mattresses, pillows, and blankets, so we picked up the phone to call longtime supporters Baldwin Subaru. The story hit close to home and, they were eager to help. Only a few months ago, our community was the one in need after Hurricane Ida. Now, they felt that it was their chance to give back and help others. Within a few hours, the Baldwin Team had placed an order for 100 air mattresses, 200 pillows, and 200 blankets to be delivered to the shelter before the families arrived! We could not be more proud of the team effort to make this happen but, most importantly, that everyone who came with nothing that night had a bed to sleep on. "Bowling Green and many other communities across Kentucky are experiencing loss and detestation that we have never seen before. Seeing this shelter come from an empty building to temporary housing was a beautiful sight to see, and it happened because of you [Baldwin Subaru]!" - Magen Estep, Bowling Green Shelter Volunteer.

Scotts Wish
Baldwin Subaru Sends Love from 600 Miles Away

Lifesaving changes at shelter thanks to Subaru - Debbie L

The. Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. Our parish's only open admission, high intake shelter- St. Tammany Parish Department of Animal Services - has been designated a "no-kill" shelter for a year now, thanks to the tremendous community support from folks like Baldwin Subaru! From the owners right down to the staff, you will not find a more generous group of animal lovers, and they sign on, month after month, to any adoption initiative or transport, our parish's shelter needs. It's this kind of support that has allowed our shelter to make huge life-saving changes to achieve this goal. Unlike shelters with "limited admission" where animals can be turned away when their shelter is full or a dog is un-adoptable, "open admission" municipal shelters can never turn an animal away. This means they take in every animal dumped as strays, surrendered by their owners or confiscated from animal cruelty situations, and keep doing their best, day in day out, trying to manage the huge intakes and only dream of a 90%+ lifesaving rate. We are so thankful for Baldwin Subaru's continued partnership which has allowed this open admission shelter to save so many animals lives, and to the wonderful "chewbaru" stuffed stockings given out as part of our December adoption initiative.

Mardi Paws
Lifesaving changes at shelter thanks to Subaru

Keeping Patients Connected - Erica K

We're so grateful that our local Subaru dealer truly delivers on the Love Promise Community Commitment, because our patients at the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington, LA, reap the benefits. In addition to other efforts throughout the year, Baldwin Subaru recently donated a phone charging station for cancer patients and employees. Our patients will be able to stay connected and have their devices fully charged while in treatment, which can sometimes be all day long. The unit is also solar powered so it can be used outdoors should it be needed at a large screening event. We recently reached the milestone of over 200,000 screenings across the region. It is because of partners like Baldwin Subaru who support our mission of improving survivorship and lessening the burden of cancer, that we are able to make an impact.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Keeping Patients Connected

Mega Adoption Event Success! - Amanda C

This year, Baldwin Subaru invited our shelter to participate in a Christmas Mega Pet Adoption along with other local shelters. We were able to adopt out 6 animals with only 3 returning to the shelter. After the event, Baldwin Subaru offered to sponsor the three remaining dogs: Mojo, Bebe, and Harold to help them find loving homes for the holidays. Once the adoption fees were waived, Mojo immediately found a home! We are overjoyed with the support and dedication of animal welfare that they have shown us and look forward to next year's event!

Mega Adoption Event Success!

Baldwin Subaru helps highlight homeless pups - Denise G

Mardi Paws & Scott's Wish works closely with our parish's high intake animal shelter. Helping people and pets since 2008, our Mutts to Models Charity Gala, is an opportunity to raise much needed funds for our programs and services, and showcase pups up for adoption, or some we have helped from the shelter. Our recent gala was no exception, and with sponsorship from our local Subaru dealer, Baldwin Subaru, we were able to showcase some heartwarming stories on the cat (or should we say dog) walk! Brodie was a pup dumped on a busy highway last summer. When he chased after his owner's vehicle, he was immediately struck by an 18-wheeler who never stopped to help. Luckily a good Samaritan witnessed the accident, contacted animal control, and we agreed to pay for specialized medical care. The surgeon who saved his life was able to walk him on the runway at our gala. Another STPDAS pup who sat in the shelter for almost a year was walked on the runway by a local reporter who followed her story. These happy tails are made possible with community support. We are so thankful to the Baldwins and Baldwin Subaru, for their support and sponsorship of events like our Mutts to Models Charity Gala.

Mardi Paws & Scott's Wish
Baldwin Subaru helps highlight homeless pups

Baldwin Subaru helps find homes for shelter pets - Penny B

Our high intake open admission animal shelter in St. Tammany Parish Louisiana was hard hit by covid and then Hurricane Ida. The aftermath of the storm saw our intake climb much higher than usual as families that were displaced surrendered their pets, and strays were more prevalent amidst the destruction. Our local Subaru retailer, Baldwin Subaru, stepped up for us over the past year in so many ways including sponsoring transports and adoption initiatives. Each year in December, they host a mega-adoption event and always invite us. This year’s invitation to Paws & Claus was especially appreciated with our high kennel counts. Thanks to their hard work promoting their event, the event was a big success, and we were able to adopt all but two animals we brought out to the event. Thanks to efforts such as these, thousands of animals have left our shelter through adoptions, rescue transfers, or returned to their owners this past year. Thanks Baldwin Subaru, for always stepping us when we need your help at the shelter and for giving these pups a chance to be in a loving home for the holidays.

St. Tammany Parish Dept. of Animal Services
Baldwin Subaru helps find homes for shelter pets

Helping Animals Find Homes in Hopeless Times - Liza C

In a year already made difficult with the Covid pandemic, Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Ida. Many animals were sentenced to ride out this Category 4 storm and it’s aftermath alone among the total destruction. This was the case for sweet Jessica until one Good Samaritan picked her up the day after the storm and brought her to us at Big Sky CARES. Jessica was just 8 weeks old when she was found stumbling down a desolate road after sustaining some serious injuries. It had appeared the tiny kitten had gotten herself stuck and thrown around inside the wheel of a vehicle. Her tail sustained significant trauma from the incident and she was in need of medical attention. After examining Jessica, our staff vet said it was “the worst de-gloving of a tail” she had ever seen. Jessica was a warrior through her tail amputation surgery and ready to go home to her forever family. We shared Jessica’s story on Facebook and she received an overwhelming amount of support and the adoption applications started flowing in. Thanks to our partnership with Subaru we were not only able to get sweet Jessica fixed up and adopted, but this allowed us to move many other animals into homes and make room for more in need. In the midst of rebuilding after a catastrophic storm, we were able to find forever homes for 48 cats in the month of October with this help.

Big Sky Ranch/ CATNIP foundation
Helping Animals Find Homes in Hopeless Times

Subaru Helping Subaru After Hurricane Ida - Lindsey R

On August 29th, 2021, the 19th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, our community was rocked by yet another catastrophic hurricane. Hurricane Ida made landfall just shy of a category 5 storm, leaving a path of destruction behind it. Driving through our hometown was difficult, both physically and emotionally. Trees are still down, roofs are gone, and power was out for weeks. We knew we had to help. After ensuring the safety of our team, we began gathering needed supplies for the community. Four days after the storm passed, the road was cleared enough to reopen our doors with free supplies for the community. We offered personal care items, water, food, pet food, first aid supplies, batteries, baby supplies, and more. Even with damage at home, many of our employees came in to help acquire and distribute the needed supplies. We also utilized our local food bank and United Way chapter to ensure the supplies were accessible to community members who did not have the means to get to our dealership. Supplies went quickly and the community was beyond thankful. While we restocked the products that were available locally, we struggled to find the most sought-after item in Louisiana - blue tarps. That is until we reached out to our good friends at Fiesta Subaru in Albuquerque. The team at Fiesta Subaru saw the devastation our community was facing on the news and was happy to lend a hand. When they learned roof tarps and work gloves were almost impossible to find here in Louisiana and were the most necessary cleanup supplies, Fiesta Subaru offered to not only purchase those much-needed items but to donate them to our hurting community. The next day we had 50 tarps and 50 pairs of gloves heading down to Covington, Louisiana! Once the donated supplies arrived, we partnered with United Way of Southeast Louisiana to distribute the items to the people most affected by the storm, just in time to stabilize before being hit with yet another storm. “Thanks to the steadfast support of partners like Baldwin Subaru, United Way of Southeast Louisiana is responding at the speed of need to our neighbors' most pressing challenges in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Not only does Baldwin Subaru support our community and United Way year-round through their workplace giving, but they immediately stepped up to organize a supply drive for Ida relief, supplying tarps, work gloves, pet supplies, food and so much more. Even Fiesta Subaru in Albuquerque shipped in supplies! Their support is proof that when we all work together, United, to meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable, good things can happen.” - Michael Williamson, President, and CEO. Thankfully, we kept some supplies on hand, allowing us to deliver them to our customers and employees in need. One of these customers is a local teacher with a severely damaged roof. We were able to deliver a tarp and gloves to her home in time to help protect her house against further damage from the next rain. Our employee, Kenny, also experienced roof damage and we were able to get him the item he and many others had been searching high and low for. “Coming back to work after the storm was difficult. Stress and emotions run high when your home life is literally in shambles. My house experienced roof damage during Hurricane Ida, allowing rainwater to come in. My wife was worried about the house and our 3 childrens' belongings being ruined with another system heading our way. I searched for a roof tarp for an entire week with no luck. The minute I heard we had tarps on the way, I put my name on the list! I’m thankful the company I work for looks out for its people and the community.” - Kenny G., Service Advisor. To make this all possible took acts of kindness, teamwork, and community commitment by everyone involved. Thank you, Fiesta Subaru, for offering aid to a fellow Subaru dealership in need; and United Way SELA for getting the supplies to the hardest-hit areas. Most importantly, we thank our community for allowing us to serve them. We will always be here for you. -The Baldwin Subaru Team

Baldwin Subaru
Subaru Helping Subaru After Hurricane Ida

Helping pets in Hurricane Ida's aftermath - Denise G

Louisiana is known for a lot of things, and sadly hurricane destruction is one of them. Hurricane Ida recently hit the state on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and delivered a powerful blow to parishes in it's path. St. Tammany Parish took on extensive storm damage from the high winds and flooding resulting in 95% of the parish without power and running water, not a good combination for the health and safety of people and pets in the area. Baldwin Subaru has always been a true community partner of our parish’s only open admission animal shelter located in Lacombe, Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish Dept. of Animal Services. With a "Love Strikes Twice certified pre-owned pets" Adoption Event slated for September to highlight the 200+ adoptable dogs and cats in the shelter, they immediately pivoted and focused their efforts on a much-needed transport. Transports free up shelter space holding animals that were available for adoption before the storm, so the shelter staff can focus on recovery and saving displaced family pets, as well as all the abandoned and stray animals coming in. All of the animals transported out of the shelter are unowned or surrendered by their owners and are quickly made available for adoption at the receiving shelters in the northeast. As a result, with 90 plus animals headed to a new leash on life through transports, this shelter was able to take in 35 animals at risk of heat stroke four days after the storm from a rescue with no power or water, and still had room for the shelter's recovery operations The animal loving folks at Baldwin Subaru & Baldwin Motors are always willing to do whatever it takes to make an impact in the lives of unwanted and discarded pets in our parish. We love partnering with them, and are very appreciative of their year round support of the animals at our high intake shelter in Lacombe!

Scott's Wish
Helping pets in Hurricane Ida's aftermath

Baldwin Subaru Adopts 20 Classrooms - Lindsey R

On August 27th, the Baldwin Subaru team visited our Subaru Loves Learning school of choice, Pine View Middle School. For the big reveal of the partnership, Pine View invited us onto the school morning broadcast. This way, we could keep the meeting COVID friendly. We announced to all the students and staff that we donated $10,000 for their teacher's classrooms, benefiting up to 500 students. The 6th-grade broadcasting class prepared an intro teaser video for the broadcast showing snippets of our dealership before cutting to us for the big announcement! The best part of the meeting was finding out how the school will utilize the funds. Pine View Middle is the only middle school in the area, meaning all of the surrounding elementary schools feed into this school from 4-6 grade. Resulting in the school having the most special needs and special education classes in our area. A portion of the money will be spent on purchasing special seating for these children. Depending on the disability, a bounce, wobble, or "fidget" chair may be needed. Now the school has the resources to finally make this happen to keep these children conformable throughout the school day! To further show our appreciation to the teachers, the Baldwin Team didn't show up empty-handed. Chris and Lindsey brought PJ's Coffee, scones, and 50 $10 gift cards for the teacher's lounge! The teachers appreciated the pick-me-up as our area was preparing for hurricane Ida that day. All of the staff were appreciative and excited about the partnership. We feel as though we selected a very deserving school and look forward to more volunteer opportunities and partnerships in the future.

Baldwin Subaru
Baldwin Subaru Adopts 20 Classrooms