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Rent a Subaru today

Insurance replacement, service work, outdoor adventure, or your next family outing.


How do I access my reservation?

You will receive an email when you complete your reservation. All booking information is available in this email. You may also contact your Subaru retailer rental location for information on your reservation.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation by following the reservation link that you receive on the confirmation email, or by contacting your Subaru retailer rental location.

Who is eligible to rent?

Most rental drivers are required to be a minimum of 21 years of age; however age requirements can vary by state. Contact your Subaru retailer for specifics.

What’s the maximum number of days I can rent a Subaru for?

Rentals are available on a daily or weekly basis for up to 30 days.

How is the daily rental rate calculated?

The daily rate is based on a 24-hour period that starts at the time the rental begins.

Are there any charges in addition to the daily rental rate?

The total cost of the rental could include additional charges including: state and local taxes or surcharges; penalties or higher rates for early or late returns, or for weekly or weekend rentals; additional driver fees; refueling fees; cleaning fees. Contact your Subaru rental location for specifics.

How does fuel work?

You will receive your vehicle with a full tank of gas. When you return the vehicle, if there is less than what was originally on the vehicle our concierge will refuel the tank. The difference in fuel will be charged to you directly.

How does insurance work?

Renters are required to provide a current valid U.S. driver’s license and proof of current full-coverage insurance (insurance card or insurance app) at the time of vehicle pickup. Contact your Subaru rental location for additional details, terms and conditions.

What vehicles are available?

Vehicles vary by retailer but generally you can expect to find our top-rated vehicles including the Impreza, Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, and the 7 or 8 passenger Ascent. All Subaru Just Drive rental vehicles have Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

What accessories or add-ons are available?

Accessories vary depending on the location in which you are renting and on each retailer’s inventory. Generally, you can expect accessories that are relevant to the location you are in such as ski racks for ski areas.

Are pets allowed in rentals?

Some Subaru rental locations offer pet-friendly vehicle rentals, provided your furry friend is transported in a carrier. Check with your Subaru rental location for additional details.

Am I allowed to smoke in my rental vehicle?

Smoking is not allowed in any Subaru Just Drive rental vehicles.

Can I return my Just Drive rental vehicle to my Subaru rental location after business hours?

Check with your Subaru rental location for details.