Tires serve a much bigger purpose than simply allowing a car to move forwards and backwards. Several dynamics go into the design and the material, because they represent the main source of control a driver has on the road. When they are worn out the safety of the passengers inside - and everyone else in the immediate vicinity - is heavily compromised. Tire wear doesn't just increase unnecessary risk in terms of safety, but it also reduces the life of the tire itself. In order to keep loved ones, family members and passengers from being part of an accident statistic, it's important to pay attention to the condition they are in.




Tires in Covington, LA-The Importance of Proper Alignment



This is one of the most common reasons for tire wear and it can be spotted on the outside shoulder. It occurs because the tire is either pointing away or towards the car, which is typically due to improper alignment. However, it can also be caused by worn out, front-end mechanical parts such as the ball joints or tie rods. Seeing as the wheels aren't running on a parallel level it's only natural that they will start to deteriorate on the outside.



The consequences that come with this kind of tire wear speaks directly to steering response time and the lifespan of the tire. This means that even though the driver is able to respond quickly enough when trying to avoid an accident, the car won't. Always ensure that the tires are properly aligned and make it part of the routine service.



Tires in Covington, LA-Other Causes of Tire Wear



Tire wear isn't excluded to alignment. For example, if the tires don't have enough air the wear starts to occur in the middle. When they have too much air the wear will be evident on both of the outside shoulders. This leads to several problems such as:



- Increasing the chances of a blowout


- Increases fuel consumption


- Compromises control along with the braking system


- Decreases the lifespan of the tire


- Forces the engine to work harder


When there is unusual wear on the tire it can be a variety of problems associated with mechanical parts. These include worn out wheel bearings and suspension components. In some cases the wheel simply isn't balanced correctly and the consequences can be compared to those listed above.



Apart from just getting the most out of the tires, consider the safety aspects involved. Driving a car that won't be able to brake properly, respond when necessary or provide the control to stay on the road when it's needed the most is a huge risk. By having the tires aligned properly in addition to keeping them inflated as suggested, a driver can confidently take on the open road.

The next time you're looking for tires in Covington, LA, be sure to come by Baldwin Subaru and not only get the right tires for the right price, but make sure you don't have any of the above issues so you get the most out of your new purchase.  

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