What is a Love Encore Delivery?
A Love Encore Delivery is an opportunity for our new Subaru owners to return to Baldwin Motors with their Subaru between 14 and 45 days after the purchase.  This time limit gives new owners time to drive their new Subaru vehicles around and come up with good questions. 
During this visit, our new Subaru owners are encouraged to ask questions about the vehicle's features - such as Bluetooth, navigation, or EyeSight - that may have been forgotten from the initial delivery.  The Love Encore Delivery is a wonderful opportunity to ensure each new owner is making the most of the technology offered in their new Subaru.  


As an incentive for coming in, each Love Encore Delivery participant receives a $25 RaceTrac gas card and a Subaru notebook and pen set, not to mention a plethora of valuable information about your brand-new Subaru. 

Anyone purchasing or leasing a new Subaru vehicle is eligible for a Love Encore Delivery. Eligibility begins 14 days after the purchase or lease and ends 45 days after the purchase or lease date. 

If you are not eligible for a Love Encore Delivery, don't let that stop you from coming by! Our certified Delivery Specialists are always happy to answer your questions about any Subaru vehicle, new or used. 

To ensure our Delivery Specialists have adequate time to spend with you, we recommend scheduling an appointment in advance. 
Meet your Delivery Specialists
All Subaru Delivery Specialists are certified through Subaru and are the go-to Subaru technology experts in the dealership.  
 Liz Mizell
 Mallory Orozco

What to Expect

  • You will be contacted by a Delivery Specialist to schedule your appointment
  • Upon arrival to the appointment, you and your Delivery Specialist will sit in the Subaru together
  • Love Encore Deliveries are tailored to each new owner and can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how long it takes you to feel confident in your ability to utilize all the functions and technology in your Subaru.

    • You can ask questions first. 
    • Then, your Delivery Specialist will review all the vehicle's featuresspending more time on any features you are still unfamiliar with. 
    • After the features have been reviewed and your questions have been answered, you will sign a delivery receipt and receive your $25 RaceTrac gas card and a Subaru notebook and pen set