Owner Stories

I hit the divider head-on at 60 mph. *

My grandparents bought this car because our previous Oldsmobile had a few too many problems. I loved the Outback from day one... so I took it over, especially when I started college. Never had any major problems with it and it was a nice easy ride. Then February 8, 2008, while trying to exit the highway on a temporary ramp due to construction, I hit the divider head-on at about 60 mph. 'My Subaru saved my life,' and I was lucky enough to have only broken my left leg and tear some ligaments. I carry a picture of the car to remind myself of how lucky I am (plus I have limp to remind me, too). Time to start saving for a new Subaru. -Brandon May., San Antonio, TX

Our Subaru saved both our lives. *

I was driving a 1991 Subaru when I found out I was pregnant! We decided it was time to upgrade. We signed a two-year lease on a new Legacy. In September of 2008 I was six months pregnant when a woman made an illegal left turn and I went head-on into the side of her car. They took me to the hospital but to make a long story short: I was fine and my baby was fine. Our Subaru saved both of our lives. My car was totaled and a few days later we got another new Legacy (this time in the color I wanted). Three months later I had my perfect baby boy, Jackson. Our lease is up in three months and when my husband asked me what we were going to do I said, "Upgrade to the Tribeca," seeing as I'm a Subaru customer for life now! -Jennifer Chatel Rose., Lafayette, CO

My Subaru took care of me. *

I LOVED that car! Notice "past tense." On December 1, 2009, I hit some debris in the road left over from sanding for a snowstorm long forgotten. Long story short: I ended up on the left side of the road, hit a new drainage ditch and rolled my beautiful Subaru three times. As the seatbelt tightened I felt the seat back come up and lock me into a cradle. The Subaru was not going to let me move until it was over. I landed on the tires, the passenger cabin full of glass, softball-sized rocks from the drainage ditch and dirt. The sunroof was gone and the trunk was sprung open. Three of the four doors opened easily to let the rescue squad in and me out on a backboard. I was fine. I had a bruise. On Dec. 2, I bought my new 2010 Forester. -Marjory Furforo., Cambridge, NY

Our Subaru protected us from a red-light-runner. *

Well, it was a beautiful sunny day to go hiking, but while in Subaru number 4, my daughter, dog and I had a little crash. A driver hit us while running a red light. He was speeding and hit us in the driver door straight-on. Everyone was fine, thanks to the true strength and build of the Subaru. The damage it took was incredible and the fact that the tow truck driver drove it to the flatbed stunned me. Sadly, it had to be totaled. Our wonderful '06 Impreza gave its life to keep me and my family safe. So I would love to share a happy memory of our trusty little '06 Outback Sport and its big brother, an '03 Forester, at the family cabin. So we will soon be bringing home Subaru number 5, a new '09 Outback Sport. Thanks Subaru. -James Zammikiel., Twinsburg, OH

Hydroplaned in a downpour, shielded from impact. *

On November 30, 2008, I was driving back to my college in Cleveland, TN, from the airport in Atlanta. I looked up directions on the Internet and was told to go a back route to get home quicker. Little did I know that it had been raining all day and that the back roads were still slightly flooded. I hydroplaned and spun out of control, colliding with another car. Both cars were going about 45 mph. My femur snapped and I broke my tibia, fibula, as well as shattering my ankle. When the firemen arrived on the scene they told me, prior to using the Jaws of Life, that had I been driving another car, I would be dead. I owe Subaru my life. I will never drive another car. Thank you for your dedication to safety! -Tatiana Pena., Richmond, VA

Stayed with me through the years of unplowed roads.

As a nurse, I needed a reliable car in order to get to work in all weather, so I purchased my first Subaru Forester in 2003. I upgraded to a 2009 for more space for my retired greyhounds (and the sunroof). I had to work during all of the severe snowstorms this past winter and my Subaru got me to work safely every time ? even before the roads were plowed.
My dogs love all of their space, as you can see in the picture.
Kris Manners -Kristina Manners., Wilmington, Delaware

My Subaru was totaled but everyone was OK. *

On June 28, 2010, I was driving back home from work. It had been raining a lot that day. On an intersection by my house a woman in a ?09 Chevy Suburban made a left-hand turn and cut me off. I was not able to stop in time because the road was wet and I hit the Chevy on the passenger-side doors. My Subaru was totaled that day. Everyone in the accident was OK. While I was in the car all I could think about was that my Subaru saved my life. That commercial that you have on TV is real to me because it happened to me. I am glad that I owned a Subaru because that day it saved my life. Everyone I have talked to since the accident said I am like that commercial because I always say my Subaru saved my life. Thank you Subaru for saving my life. -James Santiago., Yorktown heights, NJ

I was driving up I-80 when an earthquake occurred. *

A four-foot boulder came down the hillside and I collided with it going around 60 mph. I am lucky to be alive because I was lucky enough to buy a Subaru -Robert P., Reno, NV

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