The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek: Growing in Popularity

Subaru continues to increase in popularity, as it has posted month-over-month growth for more than five years now. In addition, its market share has increased significantly. Vehicles like the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek near Baton Rouge ensure this is the case, so don't expect this trend to change any time in the near future. Visit one or our Subaru dealerships in Baton Rouge to see this amazing vehicle for yourself. 


The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek comes with a 2.0-liter, flat four FB-series engine capable of producing 154 HP and 145 lb-ft of torque, the same that is found with the Impreza. Drivers may choose from the Lineartronic CVT or the six-speed manual. Many drivers opt for the Lineartronic CVT, as it mimics the gears found in an automatic transmission thanks to the seven ratio steps. In addition, this version comes with the X mode. When driving conditions are suboptimal, torque delivery is optimized to the wheels. However, drivers need to be aware that the Limited trim, which is the top of the line for this model, doesn't offer the manual option. For some, this will be an issue. Others, however, will be willing to sacrifice the manual option to get the other features they love and want. 

Subaru has announced the 2018 Crosstrek will have a body with torsional stiffness that's up 70 percent. The other modification drivers will notice is in the quickness of the steering. The tiller has changed from a 14.0:1 ratio to a 13.0:1 ratio. Additionally, the Active Torque Vectoring system is brake based and enhances the cornering of this model. Subaru also states body roll has decreased by 50 percent thanks to their modification of the rear anti-roll bar scheme. In addition, Subaru maintained the 8.7 inches of ground clearance in this model, although the manufacturer did decide to increase the width of the body by approximately an inch and the length by half an inch. As a result, the vehicle now offers more cargo space and the tailgate opening has been widened. 

To obtain the EyeSight driver-assistance technology Subaru has become known for, a driver will need to purchase the Premium trim level or higher. This system includes automated emergency braking, a lane departure warning feature, along with adaptive cruise control. Safety has also been improved in other areas of the 2018 Crosstrek. One reason many drivers turn to this manufacturer is the safety features, and this year's Crosstrek won't disappoint. 

All 2018 Subaru Crosstrek near Baton Rouge models now come with front side-impact and side-curtain airbags along with an airbag for the driver's knee, and crash energy absorption has increased by 40 percent thanks to the new structure of the body. For those drivers who want more, a new braking system will stop the vehicle if an object is detected behind the car when the driver is backing up. However, a driver must buy the Limited edition and choose the EyeSight package. 

Where Subaru has made major improvements in the Crosstrek is in the interior. In the past, drivers have often complained of a bargain-basement feel to the car, but this has changed. All models come with power windows with an auto up/down feature on the driver and passenger sides. In addition, the rear seat is split-folding, and the floor mats are carpeted. All likewise come with an engine immobilizer, a steering wheel that is both telescoping and tilting, and power mirrors and locks, and our Subaru dealers near Baton Rouge will be happy to demonstrate these features and the numerous others. Drivers may also choose options such as a Harman Kardon premium audio system or leather seats. 

Upgrade to a premium model and get a steering wheel and shifter wrapped in leather, and drivers may choose from a wide range of options, such as a moon roof. The Base and Premium models feature a 6.5-inch touchscreen that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the touchscreen in the Limited is now eight inches. Furthermore, the Limited comes with steerable LED headlamps, 18-inch wheels, and a power driver's seat that can be moved six ways, along with push button start. 

Individuals looking to buy a new car will want to check this model out. Many will find it meets their needs exactly. There's a reason Subaru has become so popular, and the Crosstrek is one of the reasons. It's definitely a model a driver will find has a lot to love. The only problem a person may have is choosing between this and the many other vehicles Subaru has available, as they are all simply that good. 

Visit a Subaru dealership near Baton Rouge to see this and the many other great vehicles Subaru now offers or give us a call to learn more. We are happy to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. With our lineup of 2018 Subaru models now arriving, you definitely want to pay us a visit soon.  

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