When you first purchased your Subaru, it was probably a dream car of sorts. It was likely shiny and new, and it got you from point A to point B with little to no problem.

These days, however, your Subaru isn't exactly your best friend. You don't really know why, but your car's life force is fading. To make matters worse, you can't afford a new car at this stage in your life.

Perhaps, though, you don't need a new car right now. You might instead need a little Subaru repair.

How, though, do you know when your Subaru needs a repair or two? What signs should you look for?

From flashing check-engine lights to leaks, here are some signs that you need Subaru repair near Mandeville, LA immediately.

1. Your Check-Engine Light Is Flashing

Almost everyone is guilty of driving around with their check-engine lights on, and we can't exactly blame them. People seldom, after all, encounter any major problems when that light suddenly pops on.

As a matter of fact, the light doesn't necessarily mean that something is seriously wrong with your Subaru. 

It could mean a variety of things. For instance, it could signal that your emissions system has a problem or that the "gasoline cap is loose, causing the car's computer to detect an unusual pressure level in the tank.

He refers to problems of this nature as "glitches" that your average driver wouldn't notice.

Still, that light certainly can communicate to a driver that he or she may need to investigate Subaru repair near Mandeville, LA immediately. The check-engine light can, for instance, be "an indication of a failure somewhere, and the problem is often emissions related."

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the check-engine light, there is one instance in which you can be sure that it's time to take your car in. Simply put, if the light is flashing, there is most likely a major issue with your vehicle.

That said, take your car in for a good inspection if you encounter this problem. Your car and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

2. Strange Noises

Vehicles make a lot of sounds, but only a handful of those sounds are standard fare for them. Honks, occasional beeps, and a few other noises are expected. Weird ticks and hums, on the other hand, are not so normal.

Before you freak out about those noises, however, you should make every effort to find out if the source of the strange sound is something else altogether.

Some people, for example, have found instruments which they'd lost joggling around underneath their seats and in their glove compartments. Others have found items in their trunks that explained the weird noises they'd been hearing for a while.

If you look around and can't find the source of your problem, then it's time to consider Subaru repair as an option. Those little hums might seem harmless now, but you can't know what kinds of problems you'll run into in the future.

Better safe than sorry, right?

3. Screeching & Squealing

Technically speaking, screeches and squeals can count as strange noises. Your car might occasionally make such sounds, but it shouldn't do so on a regular basis.

So why single out screeches and squeals as especially problematic sounds?

Because doing so is a great way to segue into a conversation about your Subaru's brakes.

As we said, some squealing is okay, but if the squeal becomes a piercing screech and occurs more often, "it could be the warning system built into the brakes to let you know that the pads are nearing the end of their life cycle."

And, yes, braking systems do have an actual warning system. There are "small steel clips designed to make that noise to let you know that it's time for maintenance."

Ignoring these screeches is a big mistake because braking systems have an essential function. Failing to maintain those systems is a chance that you don't want to take.

4. Your Car Is Smoking

Everyone knows that a smoking car is seldom a good sign. You might see some smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe during the colder seasons, and that's perfectly fine if it stops after a short while.

Your car should never, however, ooze smoke for long periods of time.

There are two parts of your car which might smoke for one reason or another. Those parts are the exhaust pipe and the hood.

Exhaust pipes usually emit some amount of smoke, so determining how much smoke is too much can be difficult. Small increases in the amount of smoke the pipe puts out might not be obvious to many car owners.

The hood of your Subaru, though, doesn't usually emit smoke. As a result, whenever it does do so, the smoke output is obvious and should immediately cause you to seek out some Subaru repair services.

Luckily for us all, smoke, unlike the next warning sign we'll talk about, is one of the easiest warning signs of more serious problems.

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5. You Smell Something Burning

If your vehicle is smoking and a smell accompanies the smoke, you certainly have a problem. Of course, sometimes an unpleasant odor isn't paired with any visual signs.

We'd argue that the second situation is more problematic than the first simply because the danger is somewhat hidden.

There have been several instances in the past in which cars suddenly went up in flames. Earlier this year, for example, parked BMWs did just that, and the visual signs weren't always there.

One woman noticed "a strange smell" in her car and promptly complained to her partner. Upon going to check it out, he saw the car "burst into flames." The fire was so fierce that it caused did extensive damage to the couple's home.

What happened to this couple could have happened to anyone. For this reason, we recommend that you take any strange odors in your car seriously. Every penny you spend on Subaru repair in a situation like this one would be well worth it.

6. Your Car Pops Out of Gear

To be completely blunt here, we know that we don't have to tell you to think about Subaru repair services if your car continues to pop out of gear. You doubtless know what can happen when your car suddenly shifts gears.

You run the risk of injuring not only yourself, but everyone around you as well.

But what would cause your car to behave this strangely anyway?

There are a few reasons why your car might be doing this. Your gears might be worn and in need of some TLC, or your motor mounts could be bad. There are also a couple of other causes of this problem.

In any case, you should try to get the problem checked out as soon as possible. It might seem somewhat harmless to drive around with wonky gears for a little while, but there is nothing harmless about it.

7. Leaks

No one has ever mistaken a leaky car for a well-maintained car. Leaks never signal anything good about a car, and everyone knows it.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone takes leaks as seriously as they should. Some people drive around with leaks for months before they decide to do anything about them.

The problem?

The things that cars leak can be harmful to both humans and pets. "Gasoline and antifreeze," for instance, are "the two most immediately dangerous fluids that can leak from a car."

Gasoline is flammable, meaning that even the tiniest spark can start a fire. Antifreeze, on the other hand, is toxic to animals such as cats and dogs. Because it has a sweet taste and smell, these animals will occasionally drink antifreeze, which can cause death if ingested.

These leaks are also bad news for your Subaru. Operating your car while it has low fluid levels puts more of a strain on your vehicle and, ultimately, your wallet.

Consequently, keeping an eye out for fluid leaks is one of the best things you can do for your car. You should also learn just how often to invest in oil changes for your car.

A lot of people skimp on their oil changes. Some of them get away with doing so for a while. Eventually, however, neglecting to check your car's fluids will catch up with you.

Come in for Your Subaru Repair Today

If you've learned nothing else here today, we're hoping that it is a lot of things can go wrong with your trusted Subaru. 

And if you haven't noticed any of the signs on our list? You're in pretty good shape.

Still, that doesn't mean that you don't have some maintenance to do. You must stay on top of your regularly scheduled maintenance if you want to keep your car running smoothly.

If you're not sure where you are with your Subaru, just have a go at our Subaru maintenance schedule tool. It should allow you to plot out your visits to a place which offers Subaru repair services.

Need Subaru repair near Mandeville, LA immediately? Schedule a service appointment with us by visiting our site and entering some information about your vehicle. We'll help you set up an appointment so that you can get your car back on the road again.


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